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Blockchain: The Law and Legal Risks




June 14, 2018 at 1:00 PM (ET)

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Blockchain, also known as distributed ledger technology, promises to be a game changer for many aspects of our economy. Without question, legal and regulatory hurdles related to it are on the horizon. Therefore, you must be aware of how to advise your clients as well as be prepared to handle disputes involving blockchain-based technologies and assets.

Join us for this 90-minute webinar where we'll cover the following learning objectives:

  • Ways to advise on the legal and governance issues arising from blockchain implementation
  • The importance of keeping abreast with the evolving practice of law and technology
  • Explore business, technology, governance, and legal use cases
  • Smart contracts - the impact, benefits and vulnerabilities

Program Highlights

  • Blockchain explained: What's the big deal?

    • How blockchain operates and the potential uses
    • The fundamentals of decentralized computing and blockchain
    • Ways blockchain is used in crypto-currency, including Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • Key considerations when advising clients on blockchain

    • Tactics to address legal issues, disputes and policy positions by regulators
    • Discover advantages and challenges from legal blockchain use cases
    • Strategies to mitigate risk and compliance considerations
  • The boon of blockchain: The future is now - get your foot in the door

    • Where blockchain may soon impact you: probate, divorce, validation of identity and more
    • Reasonable and practical approaches for maintaining awareness of legal developments
    • Smart contracting and the large changes that are likely to happen over time
  • Interactive Q&A Session - Have your blockchain questions answered live!

About The Speaker

Joseph J Bambara, Esq., CIPP/US has a private practice as Counsel for law firms, affiliate marketing, media and technology firms. He is expert in developing blockchain ICO's, business organization, privacy policy, Cloud and IOT agreements, trademark/copyright applications, notice and compliance, eDiscovery and cyberSecurity for media, advertising, retailing and big data, as well as software licensing/contracting for all platforms (enterprise, mobile, and client). He is expert in legal compliance with State and Federal laws, including ECPA, HIPAA, COPPA, CAN-SPAM, TCPA and DMCA.

  • In a parallel career, he is an Entrepreneur/Technologist for architectural and software development firms. He has a Master's degree in Computer Science and has architecture and development experience in cloud computing, blockchain, IOT, cyber security, banking, financial, manufacturing, healthcare and legal applications.
  • He is the author of McGraw Hills's "Blockchain: A Practical Guide to Developing Business, Law, and Technology Solutions" as well as 10 other internationally published books on software development covering the Blockchain, Java, SQL and related technologies.
  • He is the co-chair of the New York County Lawyers Association Law and Technology Committee. Mr. Bambara is a frequent speaker on legal cloud computing issues and has taught courses on all aspects of the law and enterprise and mobile development in cities worldwide.

Program Benefits

Blockchain is way ahead of the law. Don't let it get ahead of you. Join us for this interactive 90-minute CLE webinar, for an in-depth understanding of how blockchain and the evolving legal framework that governs blockchain's use (and misuse). Open yourself up to a whole range of other types of business for your firm and remain relevant in the digital age.