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Cyber Insurance Strategies To Stay Out Of Tomorrow's Headlines


Webinar Recording

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Equifax, Yahoo, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Deloitte and Sonic have all proved that there's no guarantee that even with robust security systems in place some of these things won't happen to your firm. Cybersecurity and cyberattacks will continue leaving practices and attorneys vulnerable to cyber and data security risk. As the number of breaches increases, the demand for cyber insurance has spiked. How can cyber insurance protect your law firm if such an incident happens? Join us for this live, interactive 90-minute CLE webinar, where Christine Marciano, Cyber Insurance Expert, will discuss:

  • What attorneys and law firms can expect in 2017 and beyond
  • What are the risks and what can you do?
  • First and third-party liability coverages: What's covered and not covered?
  • Cyber insurance coverage trends: Recent cyber-attacks and breach events

BONUS: Recap of several high-profile 2017 data breaches and how cyber insurance played (or could have played) an important role!

Program Highlights

  • Cyber Insurance Coverage Trends: Understanding First and Third-Party Liability

    • What is cyber insurance? Hear specific details from an industry leader
    • How has cyber insurance evolved in the past 12 months?
    • How these trends have evolved and why cyber insurance should be at the core
  • What Attorneys and Firms Should Expect in 2017 and Beyond: Updates and More

    • The state of the cyber insurance market and how it will impact you
    • How to respond to a breach despite utilizing your best prevention efforts
    • What types of cyber insurance claims are occurring?
  • How Cyber Risk Will Impact Your Firm And Your Clients

    • The state of data breach lawsuits
    • How a data breach prompts scrutiny, but tighter regulations aren't likely
    • Tactics to determine which clients need cyber insurance
  • Live Q&A Session: Have Your Specific Cyber Insurance Questions Answered Live

About The Speaker

Christine Marciano is President of Cyber Data Risk Managers, an Independent Insurance Agency that specializes in Cyber/Data Breach Insurance and in helping businesses and organizations create a data breach response plan through utilization of a cyber security/data breach insurance policy.

  • Christine has over 20 years of experience working in various roles within the Insurance and Financial Services industry. She has held positions at CIBC Oppenheimer, Axa Advisors and Allstate Insurance Company.
  • Christine is a recognized cyber insurance thought leader and is frequently sought by the press for comment on cyber/data breach insurance developments, trends and tips.
  • As an insurance broker specializing exclusively in cyber insurance, Christine helps organizations understand not just the various Cyber/ Data Breach Insurance policies that are available today, but also the cyber threats of today and the evolving cyber trends of tomorrow.

Program Benefits

During this live, interactive 90-minute, CLE webinar, we will cover vital strategies on how you can add protection to your law firm and clients from potential damaging breaches by properly implementing cyber insurance.