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Reservation of Rights Letter: Respond to the Threat of Denied Coverage


Webinar Recording

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Reservations of rights (ROR) letters are frequently issued by insurers to pressure policyholders into taking less coverage than what they expect and to delay the resolution of a claim. This loss or delay of coverage can be financially crippling to a company. How should you respond to an ROR letter to retain coverage for your client? Join us for this live 90-minute CLE webinar to discover:

  • 10 keys for responding to a reservation of rights letter
  • Common insurance company traps - and how to avoid them
  • Critical issues of non-coverage, policy language, exclusion and scope
  • Keys to maintain attorney/client privilege in spite of a cooperation clause
  • Steps to control the determination of what constitutes conflict of interest

Program Highlights

  • Responding to an ROR Letter: Your Rights, Options & Duties

    • How to counteract an insurer's top reasons for claim rejection
    • Pursuing a right independent counsel: Is it time to let it go?
    • What are strong defenses for covered/non-covered claims?
    • Reasonable vs. unreasonable requests: Key differences to know
  • Critical Issues of Non-Coverage: Policy Language, Exclusion & Scope

    • Legal strategies for protecting a policyholder rights
    • When should a policyholder insist on a confidentiality agreement?
    • How to navigate the complex issues during the investigation process
    • Essentials of allocating expenses among covered/non-covered claims
  • Reservation of Rights Letters: What You Need to Know

    • What triggers an ROR to be issued?
    • Insurers' options and how to best protect your client
    • Key issues of Waiver/Estoppel and Duty to Defend
  • Live Question & Answer Session - Get expert answers to your questions

About The Speaker

David A. Shaneyfelt, a principal at the Alvarez Firm, has nearly thirty years' experience in litigating complex civil matters in state and Federal courts across the country

  • A former shareholder with the New York-based law firm of Anderson Kill, Mr. Shaneyfelt has represented numerous private and public entities in insurance coverage disputes against insurance companies and joint powers agencies.
  • His representative cases and matters include the recovery of insurance policy benefits (defense and indemnity) for wage and hour class actions, director and officer (D&O) liability, public entity liability, professional malpractice, reinsurance, and lifetime disability.

Program Benefits

Join us for this 90-minute webinar to discover strategies for responding to RORs, and help your clients get the insurance coverage they need.