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Getting Insurance Claims Paid: What Every Lawyer Needs to Know


Webinar Recording

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Getting insurance claims paid is often a challenging process. Unfortunately, the larger the claim, the more difficult it is to get the claim paid. As a lawyer, knowing how to get a claim paid before, or during, litigation is a substantial benefit to your client. Find out how to assist your client in getting their claims paid fast, even if it goes to court. Join us for this 90-minute webinar that examines:

  • How to get claims paid, even as the size of the claim increases
  • Keep the claims process moving, minimize resistance, and maximize coverage
  • Techniques to quantify the full value of the loss
  • Strategies to successfully represent and advise your client during litigation
  • When and how to settle: Get the right people to the negotiation table
  • How to prepare and execute a successful litigation strategy

Program Highlights

  • Getting Claims Paid: Minimize Resistance, Maximizing Coverage

    • Best practices to prevent unnecessary litigation and get claims paid
    • Techniques for quantifying the loss: What you may not have considered
    • Reasonable vs unreasonable requests: How to spot the difference
    • Key considerations of forum and past history when analyzing a policy
    • What should be documented and how to properly do it
  • Manage Essential Claims Problems Before or During Litigation

    • Keys issues involving notice of claims
    • How and when to ask for a joint defense agreement
    • What information is protected under privilege?
    • When should specialists and expert witnesses be used?
    • Setting a "realistic target" when settling a claim or proceeding with litigation
  • Practical Steps to Avoid Disputes and Move Claims Satisfactory Resolution

    • Recognize and avoid "extreme" figure exemptions
    • Action you need to take if a an insurer stonewalls you
    • Guidelines for managing priority claims, exclusions and exemptions
    • Beware of the dangers of open-ended and stand-still agreements
    • Realistic strategies to resist policy release
  • Live Q&A Session: Get your most pressing questions answered!

About The Speaker

David A. Shaneyfelt is a shareholder at Anderson Kill Wood & Bender, P.C., where he represents numerous private and public entities in coverage disputes against insurance carriers and joint powers agencies.

  • A former trial attorney with the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington, D.C., Mr. Shaneyfelt has extensive background in complex civil litigation, trials, and appeals in numerous state and Federal courts.
  • Mr. Shaneyfelt's representative cases and matters include the recovery of insurance policy benefits (defense and indemnity) for wage and hour class actions, director and officer (D&O) liability, public entity liability, professional malpractice, and reinsurance.
  • He has also handled a wide-variety of complex litigation matters involving commercial contract disputes, public affordable housing programs, unfair competition, entertainment, insurance broker malpractice, and attorney malpractice. He also represents non-profit organizations in formation and governance matters

Program Benefits

As a lawyer, you may be your client's best chance to get an insurance claim paid before heading into, or during, the litigation process. Join us for this 90-minute webinar that gives a 360 degree view of the claims process that includes factoring such considerations as the solvency of your various insurers, the value of getting paid fast, forum sensitivity, and getting the right people on the other side of the negotiating table.